"Under paving stones, the beach!

"Sous les pavés, la plage!" ("Under paving stones, the beach!), is a slogan from the May 1968 protest movement in France. The phrase became a symbol of the events and popular movement during the spring of 1968, when the revolutionary students began to build barricades in the streets of major cities by tearing up street pavement stone. As the first barricades were raised, the students recognized that the stone setts were placed on top of sand.


It turned out that after 50 years this slogan is still very relevant. Protest against the pseu- do-world, fraudulent placebo, counterfeit truth, forcibly instilled from everywhere. We see only what is allowed to see; we know this for certain, but we still continue to see what is allowed. Our reality ceases to belong to us: instead of nature - a stone jungle, instead of a beach - asphalt. Now the Russian electronic scene can be called a counterculture. Therefore, this project is relevant right here and now — in our time and on one of the last islets of freedom, where you really feel under the paving stones, there is a beach!

Media: LEDs, plastic