Dear Friend

To create this project, I was inspired by the events that took place last year in Russia: the cancellation of several large raves, harsh detentions at political marchs, the introduction of strict censorship and the deterioration of the overall state of the country. We are increasingly dipping into the plot of Orwell’s book “1984”, where Big Brother looks after you. Total control grasps more and more new areas, and if earlier raves seemed to be outside  the political sphere, now they are a counterculture, because now it concerned everyone.

The idea of the project was born while visiting the last event at the factory, where I felt very friendly atmosphere and there was no sense of control from above, as if you were cut out from the rest of the world. It was great, but the idea that there was another world in the step, did not let me go.

The work was exhibited during the music festival “Gamma”, 2017

Media: printing on plastic.