Declaration of sense

Traditional gender roles, imposed by the individual society and the state, exclude the possibility of men manifesting such natural human qualities as fear, uncertainty, doubt. The most immutable of these unspoken prohibitions is the ban on male tears. Male tears as a sign of unacceptable weakness.
Most boys from childhood are taught to suppress their experiences and keep in themselves “unnecessary” emotions.

According to the researcher Barbara Markway - a feeling of impotence, causing tears, can often be replaced by anger. In turn, anger is considered to be a “masculine” emotion and its manifestation, if not encouraged by a patriarchal society, is not tabooed in the case.
Impossibility to get rid of the emotional load results in aggression, which often turns out to be aimed at close ones ... wife, mother, children.
The wars on which rst men die are associated with the tears of a mother who has lost her son. Even the tragedy of a soldier who survived the horrors of war does not imply the possibility of his emotional su ering and tears.

Installation “Declaration of the senses” represents a closed space, getting into which the viewer remains on one with him, surrounded by blind concrete walls. A ray of light indicates the direction of the ow of arti cial tears, which the viewer can feel on himself.
This work was held in the gallery Vertikal May 8 in anticipation of the holiday “with the tears in the eyes.”
The exhibition was held only one day.

Gallery Vertical represents the elevator shaft, in which we installed a special construction with salty water, which slowly dripped onto the viewer, which turned out to be inside the space.