Matryoshka Glitch

Today in Russia, in the wake of patriotism and the rise of national consciousness more and more emerging the interest in traditional russian culture. But it seems to have quite frustrating nature.

Therefore, to create a metaphor of the social and political processes, I used the symbols of traditional and modern cultures. I have taken as a basis a villages doll - matryoshka, which is one of the most popular symbol of our country. So, with the doll began to occur metamorphosis called glitch. The so-called system error, which in modern information and computer world we can see everywhere. This process was the epitome of the modern culture.

It is noteworthy that to implement such an idea could only 3D printer - a fine example of modern innovative technologies, without which it can not imagine our world.


Media: 3d-printer.

4 objects:
20х16х12 см
15х11х9.5 см
10х8х8 см
6х4.5х4.5 см