Still Quarantine Life


Quarantine.I felt locked not only in my room, in the apartment. but the main thing is in my body, in my head... stress from the unknown, from the crisis in my country, from fear for parents... procrastination in the form of cooking new dishes led to certain results and I became locked in a body that I began to hate quietly... at the same time, thoughts about the future - Where did we come from? Who are we? Where are we going? - haunts. does not give liberation. and if for someone quarantine was kind of holiday, relaxation (FOR WHOM?), then for me (I think, for the majority) it was (and is) a time of fear and pain.

Personal quarantine - when you are locked in your body and your head - in the body that you constantly want to change, in the head, with terrible thoughts from which it is so difficult to drive away... in a body that I’m not sure about. in the head, whose thoughts drive me crazy... in the body and with thoughts that do not obey me... double quarantine. perpetual quarantine. in my body, in my head ...


In my project, I turn to the classical genre of still life, in particular to the genre of the Baroque era - Vanitas.

From Latin, still life translates as dead life, and the Latin noun vanitas (from the Latin adjective vanus 'empty') means 'emptiness', 'futility', or 'worthlessness’.

In the project - the parts of the body that I scanned on a home scanner - turn into abstract objects randomly scattered on the surface of a black surface. We cannot see the full body, we only guess the parts, like pain strokes and smear of paints that appear from a black hole of unknown and despair.

Scan, COVID-19 quarantine