The hero of our time


The development of digital technologies has greatly affected our generation. Social networks, online games, blogs… We are constantly immersed in the information, but it’s harder and harder to consume it in real space. Perception of information, as well as social interaction, happens usually in the virtual world. Unlimited access to information gives us confidence in the views that are not always right. We don’t have heroes, authorities; it is hard to catch our attention, but it is also hard for us to focus on something. Even at an exhibition we don’t let our gadgets go, constantly checking, reading, answering…


The sculpture of a scrolling man sitting in an exhibition space on a white cube takes us to Rodin’s famous Thinker. The man depicted bends over his gadget in the same way looking at a feed of a popular social network.


Sculpture is what you bump into when you back up to see a painting,’ said Barnett Newman. The sculpture of a ‘scroller’ is designed to bump into it. Unseen at first, looking natural and real, it surprises even more when the viewer understands that it is fiction and an art object.