After contemplating reckless youth,where sins are unconscious, you realize their timely recognition determines your future life. In this case, private experience shows the trend of the generation, to which artist belongs.The lust for fun and endless partying among the current 20-year-olds does not bear a bit of interest in culture.


By her own experience, the author shows that riotous youth can bear it's fruit, or,conversely, ruin person's life. But in her case,it happened so, the past became a fertile ground for creation. The figure of Madonna is the key image of the project, which undergo changes in the artist's imagery from pop diva, worshiped by thousands of people, to the iconographic image of Madonna from the Renaissance. Canonical attributes are being replaced by symbols of commodity fetishism, debauchery and sin.


While you're changing the view angle, the girl in picture turns into a goat. All works are depicting the artist herself. Here Olga follows Cindy Sherman,who's adopting herself in her works as an artistic material.

Text - Anastasia Skvortsova